Forgotten Realms, circa 1500 DR

The League of Tesla has been a force for good since it was established in 1424 DR by Open Lord of Waterdeep and fabled adventurer, Nikola Tesla. In its early years, the League attracted do-gooders from every corner of Faerun and was instrumental in repelling draconic invasions, quelling undead uprisings, and averting any and all-too-common doomsday scenarios. In recent years, the League has fallen on hard times. The good people of Faerun have stopped applying for membership, and once-thriving chapters are closing their doors. Adventurers have resorted to the murder of goblins to stave off boredom.

A plucky band of heroes from the Waterdeep chapter of the League of Tesla seeks to change things. They have embarked on a quest to restore a healthy respect for high fantasy, open new League of Tesla chapters in towns far and wide, and as always, kill cool stuff. These are their misadventures.

League of Tesla

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