League of Tesla

Session 01: The Menagerie Mishap
October 21, 2016


  • Atalanta, Wood Elf Ranger played by Eleanor
  • Roscoe, Halfing Monk played by Jeremy
  • Rolan, Drow Rogue played by Patrick
  • Antigone, High Elf Wizard played by Elizabeth
  • Krista, Dwarf Cleric played by Kelly


  • Treasure Gained: 100gp / character
  • Cumulative Experience: 300xp (Level 2) / character
  • League of Tesla Reputation: 2/100


The League of Tesla embarked to Griffonford, a quaint Dwarven town south of Neverwinter. After a long day of drinking, our adventurers stumbled out of the tavern only to be greeted by a sheep desperately trying to get their attention. The sheep was carrying in its mouth what purported to be a Scroll of Speak With Animals. Antigone read the scroll and immediately she could hear the sheep's bleating turn into a story. The sheep introduced himself as Finethir Shinebright, a local wizard transmuted into a sheep by his former apprentice. Antigone told her friends about how Finethir had been held captive in his own home for two years with nothing to eat but his own front lawn. Before Finethir could relay more details, the party was confronted by a half-orc restraining three wolves with iron leashes.

The half-orc introduced himself as Guz, a humble servant of Master Noke, a wizard living in the area. He claimed that the sheep had recently escaped from Noke's flock and was of sentimental value to his master. Finethir told Antigone otherwise, denouncing Guz as his abusive guard, and requested the help of the party in escaping his captor. Rolan made a valiant attempt to stall for time, persuading the no-nonsense orc to allow him to clean the sheep before it was returned. Guz reluctantly consented but emphasized that he was in a hurry to return the sheep. The party continued to delay Finethir's abduction, but ultimately Guz became impatient and made a grab for the sheep. Roscoe tried to block his attempt, and Guz backhanded the halfling and sicked his trio of wolves against the party.

Initiative was rolled and Roscoe had an immediate opportunity to strike back against Guz with his shortsword. Roscoe drew blood and Guz vowed to "CRUSH THE SMALL ONE." Unfortunately Roscoe was then mauled by one of the wolves, robbing him of most of his hit points. The other wolves made less effective attempts to harm Rolan before Atalanta deftly killed one with a well-placed arrow. Antigone blasted Guz with a splash of acid, and Roscoe downed the brute with another blow. The remaining two wolves ran away in fear, dwarves poured out of the bar cheering, and the party prepared to interrogate Guz. Between the confessions of Guz and relayed commentary from Finethir, the party learned that Master Noke, a.k.a. Geoffrey Noke, was a young, incompetent wizard who had stolen Finethir's Wand of Transmutation and had been living in Finethir's tree-home for the past two years. Finethir asked the party to retake the Wand and turn him back into an elf. Guz didn't believe Geoffrey was much of a threat with the exception of the Wand of Transmutation which proved a dangerous weapon.

The party was joined by Krista, a young, female dwarf cleric who had bet against them during the fight. She happily paid Roscoe and Rolan who had accepted her bet. Guz was knocked unconscious by Roscoe and left to the judgement of the strict dwarven legal system. The party briefly rested and ambled off to Finethir's home to find Master Noke, whom they resolved to call Geoffrey as a means of annoyance. They reached Finethir's home, a mansion lavishly carved into a large tree, and discovered a party being held by Geoffrey and other rascally youths. After a short investigation of a nearby hovel, owned by Guz, and Rolan's thorough investigation of Guz's outhouse, the party devised a plan.

Rolan stealthily peeked into a window of the mansion, and found Geoffrey and seven members of his gang dancing to music. Geoffrey was holding the Wand of Transmutation, never letting it leave his sight. Krista, the party's female dwarf companion, knocked on the door to the surprise of Geoffrey and his friends. They eagerly invited her in, not used to having young women at their parties. Krista attempted to sing and distract the party-goers. Her singing was not good, but it was enough to attract the attention of the eager young men. Rolan tried to sneak through the door of the house, but was immediately noticed by Geoffrey's sharp ears. Geoffrey demanded an explanation, and Rolan unable to provide a sufficient one, aimed the Wand at his friends, turning four of them into an alligator, a bear, a large lizard, and a shark.

The party members outside the house saw flashes of light and the remaining party-goers fleeing, and they prepared to charge in with weapons drawn. Krista bounded across the room and unsuccessfully leaped at Geoffrey with her hammer. Roscoe dashed in, sliding underneath the bear and spilling its guts with a slash to the belly, and jumping to flank the alligator. Rolan made a stab at the alligator, but the beast rolled out of the way. Atalanta joined the fray, killing the lizard, alligator, and shark with only three arrows. Meanwhile, Geoffrey used the Wand on Krista, transmuting her into a squirrel. This did not work well for Geoffrey as Krista furiously jumped onto his face, using her squirrel claws and teeth to nearly kill him. Geoffrey was not able to shake off the crazed squirrel, and he dropped the Wand which was quickly recovered by Roscoe. Geoffrey had to be rescued by Atalanta who used her animal handling abilities to grab Krista by the tail and restrain her. In the aftermath, Finethir informed Antigone that the Wand was unstable but he was willing to risk the side-effects of a failed Transmutation into his original elven form. Antigone broke the Wand in the attempt, but she was able to successfully change Krista back into a dwarf and Finethir back into an elf, albeit an elf with sheep's horns.

Finethir rewarded the party handsomely, giving each 100 gold pieces for their assistance. Geoffrey was imprisoned with Guz, and the town of Griffonford established a new League of Tesla chapter. The remaining members of Geoffrey's gang were inspired by the heroes and joined the League, hoping their youthful angst might one day fuel noble adventures.


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